Andros is the northernmost island of the Cyclades and the second largest after Naxos. Andros has an area of 379 square kilometers and the length of its coastline is 176 kilometers.

The main settlements of the island are the capital of Andros, Chora, Gavrio, which is the port of the island, Batsi and Korthi. There are of course many smaller and beautiful villages and settlements such as Stenies, Messaria, Menites, Syneti, Pera Choria, Palaiopoli, Aprovato, Katakilios, Arni, Agios Petros, Vitali, Felos, Vourkoti and many more.

Andros is a beautiful island, although it belongs to the Cyclades it is quite different from the other islands of the complex. The lush nature of the island, coupled with plenty of water, streams, valleys, springs and its special landscape, give Andros a different character and a special charm.

It is an island with great history, an aristocratic atmosphere and an important cultural wealth that captivates the interest of its visitors. In the old days, Andros had strong economic growth and prosperity and is known as the "island of shipowners".

While exploring the capital of the island, Chora, you can admire the elegant mansions with their special architecture, typical of the aristocratic society that lived in Andros.

Andros has many sights of cultural and historical interest. The most important of these are the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Maritime Museum, the Kairios Library, the P. & M. Kydonieos Foundation, the Venetian Castle, the Tower of St. Peter, the Epano Castleor Castle of Faneromeni, the ancient settlement of Zagora, the ancient city of Ypsili and the archaeological museum of Paleopolis.

Beyond the important cultural heritage, the island has many sights of natural interest. The famous springs of Sariza in Apikia, well-known for its mineral water with its healing properties, the impressive stream and the Pithara waterfalls, the cave "Foros" located in the village of Aladinou and Dipotamata, a valley of great natural beauty, are just some of the places that you should visit during your stay in Andros.

Characteristic of Andros are also the old, historic and important monasteries such as Panachrantos Monastery, Agia Marina Monastery, Agios Nikolaos Monastery, the Zoodochos Pigi Monastery and the Saint Irene Monastery.

As a Cycladic island, Andros offers many beautiful beaches with blue waters. Others with sand, others with colorful pebbles, others with crystal clear waters. Organized popular beaches, deserted and secluded beaches. Some of the most famous are: Achla, Grias Pidima, Vitali, Zorkos, Vori, Ateni, Agios Petros, Chrissi Ammos, Kypri, Apothikes, Chalkolimnionas.

Do not leave Andros without tasting its special local flavors. You have to try the local sausages, which are also found in the traditional dish of Andros, Fourtalia, the local cheeses of the island, the pastries, the pasteli and during Easter try the Lambriati.

You can reach the port of Andros, Gavrio, by ferry from Rafina (Athens). The trip takes only 2 hours (1 hour by speedboat). There are daily and frequent routes. The island is also connected with Tinos, Mykonos, Syros, Paros, Naxos, Crete and other Aegean islands.

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